Days: 8 - 6 days of riding
Level: Aggressive
Mileage: 53 ave - 316 total
Start/Finish: Portland, OR
Price: $1325


Meals: All included except dinner in Klamath Falls
Restaurants: Klamath Falls restaurant
Motels: Motel in Klamath Falls
Events & Activities: none

This is a ride for those experienced riders who want to explore the remote countryside of the high lakes region of South Central Oregon. This is an area of vast expanses of rangeland dotted with lakes at near alpine elevations. Lakeview bills itself as the "Tallest Town in Oregon" because of its elevation - 4800'. The altitude range of our ride will be 4500' to one peak of 6000'. This ride will certainly give you a good cardio workout.

This ride is an "all camping" tour except for the last night in Klamath Falls. At the end of our ride we will stay at a motel in town so that guests may go out to dinner on their own that night

We spend our first day traveling from Portland to Diamond Lake - our staging site for the night. The next morning we ride into the hills on our way to Silver Lake. Our route rolls across what's left of the foothills to the Cascades. In the afternoon we roll out into the great basin that encompass the lakes region.

Our second day of riding starts out on the flat range as we loop around Silver Lake. After climbing through a notch in the hills our view opens up to the Summer Lake basin. We ride along the east side of the lake at the base of a long ridge that follows the shoreline. At the south end of the lake we break back out into the open range as we come into Paisley, Oregon where we will spend the night.

Leaving Paisley we ride northeast around the top of Lake Abert before turning to the southeast as we ride towards Plush or our nights camp. Warner Peak and Hart Mountain rise abruptly from the lakes that dot the valley floor. Warner Peak has the best/only ski area around.


We continue south from Plush to the small town of Adel, again following the shores of the lakes as a massive ridge looms above us to the west. At Adel we ride up through a canyon that will take us back towards Lakeview. But first we climb up through the thin forest cover to the summit of Black Clap at 6132'. Then we coast down into Lakeview.

Lakeview, with a population just under 3000 is the largest town east of Klamath Falls. The town got its start in the mid 1800's as Camp Warner was established nearby to protect the white settlers from the Native people. With a history steeped in ranching, the town now survives supporting the large ranches in the area and on whatever tourism it can draw.

Heading east out of Lakeview the next day we start with a flat ride across the valley floor. We then make a short climb up through the hills past Drews Reservoir. A few more hills and then we descend into the small town of Bly where we will spend the night.

From Bly we head southeast as we pass by the Gerber Reservoir. We swing around the hill to the south and then we head northeast towards Bonanza. We start to see a bit more civilization now as we pass through Dairly, Olene, and on into Klamath Falls.

In Klamath Falls we check into a motel for a nice nights stay before we make the long drive back to Portland. In the evening guests are free to wander the town and eat out at a restaurant of their choice.

Tour details may change without notice. Although you'll have an up-to-date itinerary prior to departure,
changes due to unforeseen circumstances may occur at any time.