Where We Go: 
We'll go most anywhere in Oregon that a bicyle rider would want to go.  Our specialty is road tours through the more remote areas of Oregon. Because we're geared up with a kitchen and showers we can go on routes where minimal services are available.  If you have the desire to explore the small towns and back roads of Oregon we'll be there to support you..

Our pre-planned routes include some of the more popular tour routes – The Oregon Coast, the Willamette Valley, Crater Lake, and the Wallowa Mountains.  Some of our routes are a bit more unusual with routes like the Ghost Towns and Gold Mines, Bigfoot Tour, and Circle the Sisters.  With all of our tours we try to add a few creative and unusual twists to them.  A good example of this is the “Coast to Crater with Paradise in Between” tour - take a look.  If you've organized a group and wish to charter a custom tour we'll customize these tours to your group’s interests.

We try to route our tours on nicely paved roads that travel through fairly reasonable terrain.  Most of our guests ride road/touring/hybrid bikes with skinny tires so their preference is to stay on those nice smooth roads.  We target a maximum grade of 10 degrees and we try to keep sustained climbs well under a 10 degrees.  Routes over steeper grades and more challenging terrain are available as custom tours for groups.

Sometimes exploring the truly remote parts of Oregon requires you to ride on extended sections of rough forest roads and dirt or gravel roads.  It is not really mountain biking but you will want to be riding a fat tire bike. Think of it as forest touring - mixed road and gravel/dirt roads with low daily mileage. Tours like this will be clearly designated as such.


Why Ride With Us?
Because we do things a bit… unusual.  From traveling together in our mini-coach to camping with a full kitchen and showers, we offer the amenities of the large event tours with the intimate group size of traditional tours.  We enable small groups to explore the remote regions of Oregon at their own pace and we include the events and activities that they desire to round out their tour of the region.  We take care of all of the logistics of your multi-day tour so that you can simply ride, relax, eat, and enjoy with an intimate group of friends.

Our crew is fully trained and prepared to support you throughout your tour.  Our bus driver is a licensed commercial driver and our SAG crew is trained in first aid and bicycle maintenance.  While on the road the SAG crew makes sure that everyone gets from Point A to Point B and gives a ride to anyone who falters in between. The crew is there to make sure that you relax and enjoy the ride with some good food and drink along the way.

Who Rides With Us?
Our guests typically are active recreational bicyclists - the kind of rider who finds great pleasure in a 40-50 mile ride with friends on the weekend and tries to squeeze in another ride or two in during the week. 

While more and more people find a way to ride this way year round, this can also describe the seasonal rider who is busy doing other things during the winter months.  The "fair weather rider” will work back up to this point every spring as they prepare for their "big ride" of the summer. We ensure that a range of riders can ride together and can even accommodate the non-riding spouse who wants to share the experience.


Tour details may change without notice. Although you'll have an up-to-date itinerary prior to departure,
changes due to unforeseen circumstances may occur at any time.