Services ~ Rider Support
  • What is it?
    • SAG wagon support
    • Mechanical and First Aid support
    • Food and drink support
  • Why do you want it?
    • It allows you to ride without carrying gear
    • It provides you support in case of emergencies
    • It allows everyone to keep up - SAG as needed
    • It allows you to skip dangerous sections of a route
    • It provides you with food and drink on demand
  • What is included?
    • SAG wagon - catch a ride anytime you want
    • Trained bicycle mechanic with spare parts and tools
    • Trained First Aid providers with supplies
    • 2 man crew equiped with business band radios
    • Ice cold water refills and sports drinks
    • All snacks and lunches are included
    • Lunch stops include tables and chairs for all


Lunch stop

When riding in the remote countryside it is reassuring to know that help is nearby when you need it.  While you ride with minimal gear on your bike, our SAG crew is always nearby and ready to take care of any need.  Our 2 man crew stays in touch using business band radios that can also be used to contact emergency services if needed.

The SAG wagon carries a full bicycle tool kit, spare parts, and extra tubes and tires.  The crew includes at least one trained bicycle mechanic who can fix most problems that come up and can get you back on the road with your group.

Our crew members are also trained in First Aid and the SAG Wagon carries a full First Aid kit along with a variety of creams, oitments and other rider necessities.SAG Wagon

We provide a variety of sports drinks, water, and snacks to keep you fueled up during your ride. And when it is time for lunch we pull out the tables and chairs and a nice spread of food for your enjoyment.

The SAG wagon can transport 10 riders and their bikes for those times when you want to vantake a break from the ride. We try to make it easy for riders to take a break from the ride anytime that they wish. No matter whether you are tired or just trying to save your knees by SAG’ing up a hill – you can do so with our full support.