Info & Links ~ FAQ's

What's with the camping?

Many of the areas we like to explore in Oregon simply do not have accommodations every 50 - 75 miles. Camping is required to go bicycle touring in these areas.  Therefore, our basic overnight accommodations are assumed to be camping. All fees associated with camping are included in the base tour cost.

Groups may optionally take advantage of B&B's or motels as they are available on the route. All motel costs are in added on  to the basic daily rate.  Most of our tours mix it up a bit with 2 or 3 nights of lodging mixed in with the camping.  Tours with just motel or B&B lodging are available on select routes.

How much does it cost?

The average price of our tours is around $125 - $175 per person/per day. This estimated daily rate includes all route planning, transportation, SAG support, food and drink, and camping support.

Unusual Tours allows participants to customize their tour to include local events and activities such as concerts and rafting. Groups may also choose to spend some nights in a motel and have a meal at a famous restaurant. We plan these activities into the itinerary and the associated costs are added to the basic daily rate.

How many people in a group?

We cater to groups of 6 to 22 riders. Inn to Inn tours with SAG and gear transport are most cost effective with smaller groups with 6 - 10 riders.  Tours with full camp support are most cost effective for groups of 10 - 22 riders.

Where are the easy trips?

Most of our tour planning is targeted toward the following levels. This is the same level that most event tours target.

  • Moderate - 4-6 hours of riding 30-50 miles on varied terrain with possible steep hills to climb
  • Aggressive - 5-7 hours of riding 40-70 miles on varied terrain with several ascents/descents over several thousand feet.

If a group wishes to "dial it back a notch" we will gladly adjust the itinerary for that groups tour.

I am concerned that I may not be good enough of a rider to go on your tours. Are your tours just for expert riders?

This is entirely up to the group. If your group wants to do a casual tour with minimal mileage per day then that is what you need to be prepared for. If you can comfortably ride your tours maximum mileage and vertical climb then you should be fine. You should have a training routine in the months before your tour to work up to this level.

What if my group is coming from out of town and we don't have bikes with us?

We have a variety of rental bikes available for your use. We will work directly with you prior to your arrival to make sure that we have a bike that you'll enjoy.

If a whole group is flying in from a common departure city please contact us about the possiblity of arranging bulk freight shipment of the bikes.

Would it be possible to bring my 13 year old son on the tour with our group?

We love to see younger riders get involved in bicycle touring. Whether they can, or should, go on your tour is entirely up to your group. If the younger rider is mature enough to safely ride the route you have chosen, and your group concurs, then we're all for it.

What if my bike is damaged during the trip?

The bikes are transported on the trailer in very safe and secure way leaving very little chance for damage. If it did get damaged we certainly would repair it for you. If you bike is damaged while you are riding, our SAG wagon staff includes trained bicycle mechanics and they will do their best to repair your bike. If the damage is beyond the scope of what they can repair in the field then we will try to get it to the nearest bike shop for repairs.

Some of our group are vegan and/or like to eat organic. Would that be a problem?

As we plan your tour we work with you to suggest and get your approval of a menu for all of the meals on your tour.  Our menus tend to be fairly wholesome and we try to minimize overly processed foods. It is relatively easy for us to accommodate vegetarian diets. The vegan diet is extremely restrictive which would make it very difficult to accommodate unless the whole group chooses to limit themselves to a vegan diet.

Would it be possible for my ___ to come along but not ride a bike?

We consider “ride along” guests on a case by case basis. Ride along guests can only be accommodated within the 22 guest limit and are charged the same fees as a normal rider guest.

Can we bring our dog?

While this is a bit unusual, we do tend to do unusual things. If you can transport your dog in a carrier on your bike or in a trailer and your dog can be “in control” at all times, we will consider it. You also must secure the approval of everyone else in the group. Your dog must be of the temperament that he/she would never bolt and endanger other riders or harm, or be harmed by, native wildlife.