Equipment ~ Camp Gear

Camp gear available to support your tour

  • A full camp kitchen including
    • A 3 burner expedition class propane stove
    • Barbeque and griddle accessories for stove
    • A single burner propane burner for heating water
    • 6 - 48 oz french presses for making coffee
    • A full set of pots and pans
    • Full place settings for 28
    • A variety of acrylic glasses including wine glasses
    • A stainless steel kitchen sink
    • 12+ coolers for storing food and drink
    • 2 chafing pans for serving food
  • Tables to allow all 28 people to sit for meals
  • Portable 12v beer keg cooler
  • 28 directors chairs
  • 2 - 10x20 pop-up canopies
  • On demand propane hot water heater
  • Hot and cold water distribution system
  • 150 gallon fresh water tank
  • 3 stall shower tent with private changing rooms
  • Portable fire pit
  • Hand washing sink for washing our riding gear
  • Clothes drying rack




To give you an appreciation for what kind of camping accommodations that you can expect we highlight here the camping gear that we provide.

The most important facilities in camp is the kitchen and our camp kitchen includes everything including the kitchen sink. We have an expedition camp stove with a barbeque and griddle, coffee makers, and an assortment of pots and pans. When serving meals we have a full place setting for each guest with plates, bowls, silverware, glasses… even wine glasses.

We believe that after a hard days ride you should be able to sit down at a table in a comfortable chair to eat your dinner so we have a number of portable tables and enough chairs for everyone. The weather does not always cooperate so we have several instant shelters that we can put up for shade or to shelter you from that occasional rain shower.

We ride too so we know that the first thing that you want when you come into camp is a cold drink… and then a shower. We have a portable water system that provides hot and cold water to three shower stalls and a sink. You will be able to take a hot shower and wash out your riding clothes every day. If we stay in a full service campground we use the shower facilities in the camp. If we stay in limited service campground we use our portable showers. And if we stay in an undeveloped campground without water we carry a 150 gallon tank of fresh water so you can still have a shower (are you familiar with Navy showers?).

OK, so you took a shower and washed your riding clothes, now what do we do with 24 pairs of shorts and shirts and socks, etc. We have a fairly ingenious clothes drying rack that extends with clothes lines to give us the capacity to get everyone’s clothes dry before morning.